The Everything European Travel Phrase Book by Ronald Glenn Wrigley, Laura K Lawless, Cari Luna, The

By Ronald Glenn Wrigley, Laura K Lawless, Cari Luna, The Everything Series Editors

¿Dónde está l. a. estación de trenes?
Dov’è los angeles stazione?
Où est los angeles gare?
Wo ist der Bahnhof?

There's an excessive amount of to work out as you shuttle via Europe to waste time being misplaced in translation. upload The every little thing eu trip word Book on your e-library and you can by no means be at a loss for the fitting phrases back. even if you are looking for the educate station or ordering your dinner, you will find precisely what you would like during this convenient multi-language reference. With translations in Spanish, Italian, French, and German, you will be able to cross anywhere the Eurail takes you.

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Lo/la necesito . . loh/lah neh-seh-SEE-toh I need them . . Los/las necesito . . lohs/lahs neh-seh-SEE-toh today hoy oy tomorrow mañana mah-NYAH-nah in an hour en una hora ehn OO-nah OH-rah this afternoon esta tarde EH-stah TAHR-deh tonight esta noche EH-stah NOH-cheh tomorrow morning mañana por la mañana mah-NYAH-nah pohr lah mah-NYAH-nah At the Laundromat bleach lejía leh-HEE-ah clothing ropa ROH-pah clothes dryer secadora seh-kah-DOHR-ah detergent detergente deh-tehr-HEN-teh laundromat lavandería lah-vahn-dehr-EE-ah washing machine lavadora lah-vah-DOHR-ah At the Hair Salon/Barber Shop just a trim solo un recorte SOH-loh oon reh-KOHR-teh Please shave my .

Here are the phrases and terms you'll need to get you where you're going. How much is the fare? �Cuánto es la tarifa? KWAHN-toh ehs lah tah-REE-fah Is this seat taken? �Está ocupado este asiento? eh-STAH oh-koo-PAH-doh EH-steh ah-see-EHN-toh How many stops before . . �Cuántas paradas hasta . . KWAHN-tahs pah-RAH-dahs AH-stah What is the next stop? �Cuál es la próxima parada? kwahl ehs lah PROHK-see-mah pah-RAH-dah Excuse me. I'm getting off here. Con permiso. Bajo aquí. kohn pehr-MEE-soh BAH-hoh ah-KEE Take a Cab fare el precio del viaje ehl PREH-see-oh dehl vee-AH-heh taxi el taxi ehl TAHK-see taxi driver el taxista ehl tahk-SEES-tah taxi stand la parada de taxis lah pah-RAH-dah deh TAHK-sees tip la propina lah proh-PEE-nah Here are a few additional phrases for communicating with cabbies: Stop here.

Está lloviendo. eh-STAH yoh-vee-EHN-doh There's lightning. Hay relámpagos. ahy reh-LAHM-pah-gohs There's thunder. Hay truenos. ahy trew-EH-nohs It's snowing. Está nevando. eh-STAH neh-VAHN-doh The key to learning any skill is to use it. Now that you know how to talk about the weather, why not get out there and practice what you've learned? In the next chapter, you'll learn how to get to know the people around you. Meeting People Learning a language is about communication. It's about connecting with the people around you, whether you're on vacation or in your own hometown.

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