Peregrinatio Perquisitore (Ilustrado) by Matilde Asensi

By Matilde Asensi

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Entice: tentamos, seducen, seduces, seducid, seducimos, seducís, seduzca, seduzcan, seduzco, tentáis, tiento. enticed: seducido, tentado, incitado, atraído, engatusado. enticing: incitando, seduciendo, atrayendo, tentando, tentador, engatusar. flat: plano, llano, apartamento, piso, liso, bemol, bastidor, desinflado, cuarto. homage: homenaje. intelligent: inteligente. irresponsible: irresponsable. occasional: ocasional. rancour: encono, ojeriza, rencor. readily: de buena gana. resembled: Parecido.

34 Howards End He brought back the gusts of splendour, the heroism, the youth, the magnificence of life and of death, and, amid vast roarings of a superhuman joy, he led his Fifth Symphony to its conclusion. But the goblins were there. They could return. % Helen pushed her way out during the applause. She desired to be alone. The music summed up to her all that had happened or could happen in her career. She read it as a tangible statement, which could never be superseded. The notes meant this and that to her, and they could have no other meaning, and life could have no other meaning.

Pensively: pensivamente, cavilosamente, pensativamente. roared: Rugido. shawl: chal. smokes: fuma, humea. sown: sembrado, pp de sow. spot: mancha, punto, sitio, verrugato croca, manchar, mancilla, lugar. superstructures: superestructuras. tide: marea. wanders: vaga. wealth: riqueza, abundancia, caudal. worn: gastado, usado. M. Forster 45 CHAPTER 6 We are not concerned with the very poor. They are unthinkable, and only to be approached by the statistician or the poet. % The boy, Leonard Bast, stood at the extreme verge of gentility.

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