An Introduction to Homological Algebra (2nd Edition) by Joseph J. Rotman

By Joseph J. Rotman

With a wealth of examples in addition to ample functions to Algebra, it is a must-read paintings: a truly written, easy-to-follow consultant to Homological Algebra. the writer presents a therapy of Homological Algebra which methods the topic when it comes to its origins in algebraic topology. during this fresh version the textual content has been totally up to date and revised all through and new fabric on sheaves and abelian different types has been added.

Applications comprise the following:

* to earrings -- Lazard's theorem that flat modules are direct limits of unfastened modules, Hilbert's Syzygy Theorem, Quillen-Suslin's resolution of Serre's challenge approximately projectives over polynomial jewelry, Serre-Auslander-Buchsbaum characterization of standard neighborhood jewelry (and a cartoon of specific factorization);

* to teams -- Schur-Zassenhaus, Gaschutz's theorem on outer automorphisms of finite p-groups, Schur multiplier, cotorsion groups;

* to sheaves -- sheaf cohomology, Cech cohomology, dialogue of Riemann-Roch Theorem over compact Riemann surfaces.

Learning Homological Algebra is a two-stage affair. to start with, one needs to study the language of Ext and Tor, and what this describes. Secondly, one has to be in a position to compute these items utilizing a separate language: that of spectral sequences. the fundamental houses of spectral sequences are constructed utilizing precise undefined. All is finished within the context of bicomplexes, for the majority purposes of spectral sequences contain indices. purposes contain Grothendieck spectral sequences, swap of jewelry, Lyndon-Hochschild-Serre series, and theorems of Leray and Cartan computing sheaf cohomology.

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I) The image of 0 → A is {0}, so that exactness gives ker f = {0}, and so f is injective. Conversely, given f : A → B, there is an exact sequence f i ker f −→ A −→ B, where i is the inclusion. If f is injective, then ker f = {0}. (ii) The kernel of C → 0 is C, so that exactness gives im g = C, and so g is surjective. Conversely, given g : B → C, there is an exact sequence g π B −→ C −→ C/ im g, where π is the natural map. If g is surjective, then C = im g and C/ im g = {0}. h (iii) Part (i) shows that h is injective if and only if 0 → A → B is exact, h and part (ii) shows that h is surjective if and only if A → B → 0 is exact.

Moreover, if f : V → W is a linear transformation, then the induced map f ∗ : W ∗ → V ∗ is also a linear transformation. ) The dual space functor is Homk ( , k) : k Mod → k Mod. 12. 3(iii): a partially ordered set X can be viewed as a category, where x x in X if and only if Hom X (x, x ) = ∅; that is, Hom X (x, x ) = {ιxx }. If Y is a partially ordered set and T : X → Y is a covariant functor, then T (ιxx ) = ιTT xx ; that is, T x T x in Y . In other words, a covariant functor is an order-preserving function: if x x , then Tx T x .

If T : R Mod → Ab is an additive functor, then each T AB is a homomorphism of abelian groups; the analogous statement for contravariant functors is also true. 7. variance. 41 Let T : R Mod → Ab be an additive functor of either (i) If 0 : A → B is the zero map, that is, the map a → 0 for all a ∈ A, then T (0) = 0. (ii) T ({0}) = {0}. Proof. (i) Since T is additive, the function T AB between Hom sets is a homomorphism, and so it preserves identity elements; that is, T (0) = 0. (ii) If A is a left R-module, then 0 = 1 A if and only if A = {0} [sufficiency is obvious; for necessity, if 1 A = 0, then for all a ∈ A, we have a = 1 A (a) = 0(a) = 0, and so A = {0}].

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