Alayavijnana: On the Origin and the Early Development of a by Lambert Schmithausen

By Lambert Schmithausen

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Ultimately unsatisfactory),3 8 7 and this is obViously3 88 equivale nt to the aQl'vabijako vipd'ka~ which i s the objective basis of (see § 3. 11. 3). Now what is Significant is that the notion of 'I' this noti o n of "what is stuck to " - trans posed, to be s ure, to the context of taking possession of a ne w existence (atmabhdva- parigl'aha)3 89 _ is identified with alayavijnana 390 i n the commentary on t he vers e s i n question . 3. 11. 4. 2 On the other hand, in the Hanobhumi of the Basic Section 39 1 the objective basis of t he wrong notion of Ego (aatkayadr~~y-adhi~~hana) dhil1~htina) figure alllong the equivale nts of Seeds (bija- paI'ytiya) .

E . skandha s) remai n (niT'upadhi~e~a-nil'va~dhatu) t hat , in one pa ssage,2 73 mi nd at the moment of death i s unambiguou s ly implied to be nothing but a 1 a ya v i j n i rod h a 8 aa n a be cau se the Arhat dies i n the s tate of a map a t t i where only alayavijnana i s l eft. § 3. 3. 2. t l y stated eve n in o ne of the nalayavijnanic H portio ns of t he Vinis cayasalllgraha"I. 274 3. 3. 2 Once again , it is rather under the b i log i c al 0 aspect t hat a layavij iiana appears to have, in a gene ra l way , come to be introduced into the cont ext of dea t h .

I th Seeds; ho.. 4. 2-3) . 2 One possibility alayavijiiana is that the idea of t he continuity of may have been provoked, or at a ny rate r e- inforc ed , by t he fact t hat it came to be identified .. ith . or to supersede . biJ·a(ka )rp vijiidnam}284 si nce ( mate rial s compi l ed in t he) in first an two ol der versio n of c hapt e r s of the the Basic Sectior. 1 a nd 6 . 3) the latte r appears to have fulfilled function s been . the ~r sense in t wo co nt exts .. ·hi c h alayavijiiana had already could easily come to be, a ssociated: viz .

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