Agatha Christie: Power and Illusion (Crime Files) by Richard York

By Richard York

How comfortable are Agatha Christie's novels? they could appear to depict a solid global of appreciate for culture, shared tradition, settled gender and sophistication roles, political conservatism and unambiguous morality, within which cause suffices to manage sickness. yet this global is threatened by way of modernity and uncertainty: struggle, social mobility, extremist politics, ethical liberalization. renowned electorate will be criminals, detectives will not be utterly not like murderers, social existence is essentially theatrical, and violence can lead to concord.

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These, to follow through the analogy, are not false but partial. Everything you see in a mirror is really there. But what is missing may be precisely what is crucial to identify the important fact, the identity of the murderer and the method used. The world of the novels is a world of varying and incomplete knowledge; only the solution provides the true angle and the end of the novel. The idea is especially important in The Sittaford Mystery, where the two detectives, Emily Trefusis and Charles Enderby, are constantly discussing their angle of approach.

In Three Act Tragedy it is assumed that The Wrong Angle 25 there must be some sound reason for the deaths of the first victim, the Reverend Babbington, and the third victim, Mrs de Rushbridger, who has apparently claimed to have some special knowledge of the case. In fact, only the second murder is fully motivated: the first death is a rehearsal and the third a red herring. Poirot, in his concluding statement, admits that he at first viewed the crime from the wrong angle, in searching for a obvious kind of rationality in the clergyman’s death; rehearsal is a kind of rationality (especially for an actor–murderer), if horrifyingly disproportionate for most readers.

No one in Mrs McGinty points out that Evelyn is often a man’s name; the characters are misled by a newspaper article which arbitrarily assumes, on the basis of her mother’s words before the birth of the child, and perhaps for reasons of pathos, that Evelyn Hope is the daughter of the suspected murderer Eva Kane; anyone who checks the Browning poem of the same name will find that Browning’s Evelyn is female too. No one in Sittaford points out that a murder’s being announced in the course of a spiritualist séance is nothing like proof that the murder took place at the same time: the author allows a faint suggestion of the supernatural to create at the least a readiness to accept false logic.

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