Africa's Greatest Hunter: The Lost Writings of Fredrick C. by James Casada

By James Casada

The writings of Selous look in a single landmark quantity, coplete with infrequent photos and annotated through well known African professional, Dr. James Casada. Selous describes early days in Botswana and Zambezia.

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In the meantime, the only thing to do was to rest, as we had had no food for more than thirty-six hours, so when I lay down in a sort of little cave amongst the rocks, where the sun would not reach me the whole day, I went off into a deep, dreamless sleep, from which I was only awakened late in the afternoon by Tinkarn, who informed me that Dick had just turned up riding Collison’s spare horse, but without the cattle. I soon learnt what had happened. ’ But some of the herdboys said, `No, Dick; let us rest a little longer, for we are very tired.

On 4 January 1917, while out on a morning reconnaissance, Selous was shot and killed as he raised his binoculars to scout an enemy outpost. The death of this kindly, widely beloved man shocked everyone, and it so moved some of the askari (native soldiers) accompanying him that they went berserk. Mad with rage, they charged and routed the German forces who had fired on them, even though they were outnumbered five to one. Thus died an African legend, clad as was his custom in khaki shorts and slouch bush hat, and with a bandanna about his neck.

Selous was such a man. His slender features hid boundless energy and dogged tenacity, which enabled him to outhunt and outtrek men who appeared at first glance to be much stronger. The fact that he earned his fame as an elephant hunter in an age when he faced conditions far more difficult than those encountered by early counterparts attests to his tirelessness and ability in the field. Certainly he was as courageous as any man, and the incidents of dangerous adventure and derring-do that punctuated his career were so numerous as to be almost commonplace.

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