Adventure Guide to Nicaragua by Erica Rounsefell

By Erica Rounsefell

Nicaragua is the biggest nation in vital the USA, yet travelers are just now commencing to realize it. for that reason, the plentiful shorelines are uncrowded and the rainforests are jam-packed with natural world together with seven-hundred species of birds, white confronted capuchin monkeys, spider monkeys, and howler monkeys. vital the United States s biggest lake, Lago de Nicaragua, is the following and Granada, the oldest Spanish urban within the continental Americas, with the earliest colonial constructions. Bordered via the Pacific Ocean at the west and the Caribbean Sea at the east. The Pacific Lowlands sector, along with the towns of Managua, Granada, and San Juan del Sur, is the most-visited sector of the rustic.

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TIME ZONE Nicaragua is six hours behind Greenwich Mean Time. Daylight savings time is instituted in April and reverts back in October; the government announces the day it will occur just a few weeks in advance, so ask around if your visit falls during this period. Daylight savings is a new concept in Nicaragua, and for weeks after the time change many clocks throughout the country will display the old time; in rural areas the change may be disregarded entirely. Double-check the time if you have a flight to catch!

A good place to unload your large bills is at a fixed-price supermarket. n BARGAINING Bargaining in Nicaragua isn’t done with the diehard fervor that travelers may experience in other countries. Usually the exchange will go back and forth no more than twice. Beyond that point, don’t embarrass yourself or the vendor by continuing to haggle, and if you agree to a price, stick to it. If you’re not convinced that the vendor has offered a good price, keep looking and go back if you don’t find something better.

Walker’s hunger for power wasn’t fulfilled with Granada, however. A few months after taking over the city, Walker managed a rigged election that installed him as President of Nicaragua. His policies of legalized slavery and making English the country’s official language did not endear him to Portrait of William Walker Nicaraguans. Nicaragua’s by Mathew Brady Central American neighbors were fearful of the situation and its implications for potentially stirring up something similar in their own territories, thus Guatemala and Costa Rica banded with local Nicaraguans to oust the rogue American from power.

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