Acupuncture for Dogs and Cats: A Pocket Atlas by Christina Matern

By Christina Matern

Praise for this book:

This is a welcome pocket reference for veterinarians who've already accomplished acupuncture education, yet should not but trained within the situation or use of the entire issues. -- Lorrie Hale-Mitchell, DVM, college of Illinois collage of Veterinary Medicine

Skillfully integrating conventional recommendations of chinese language drugs with scientific event and sleek clinical learn, Acupuncture for canine and Cats brings jointly all present info in a single handy ebook. Its atlas-style structure, highlighted through 1000s of full-color photos and assisting textual content, makes it excellent as a brief, undemanding reference within the sanatorium or education program.

Special Features:

  • An easy-to-use, double-page unfold designed for speedy retrieval of information--on the left, concise textual content describes the results, symptoms, localization, procedure, and intensity of insertion for every acupuncture element; at the correct, fine quality photos display all techniques
  • Bones and muscular tissues were accurately drawn into every one picture, a important software for localization of issues
  • A accomplished dialogue of all acupuncture issues in all channels guarantees that you've complete mastery of the sector
  • A entire creation to the rules of conventional chinese language drugs (TCM), channel platforms, TCM diagnostics, aspect choice, and aspect different types (such as Ting or Luo issues) offer a robust origin within the options of veterinary TCM

The in simple terms ebook to concentration completely on acupuncture for small animals, this convenient, pocket-size atlas is exclusive within the box. It bargains a wealth of functional wisdom and a pictorial reference for veterinarians, animal acupuncturists, scholars, and trainees whose target is to supply the top point of therapy to the animals of their care.

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It nourishes the viscera and moistens the bowels. It originates from food (nutrients). Xue Xue is equated with blood. It is the material aspect of qi. Jing Jing (essence) is an internally produced substance that should be preserved. Earlier heaven essence (xian tian zhi jing) is bestowed on the fetus already during conception and is very difficult to reproduce. It is consumed in the course of one's life. Later heaven essence (hou tian zhi jing) can be replaced daily by the spleen and stomach with a healthy diet.

Functions of Yang: Source of warmth Moving Securing Protecting Transforming Functions of Yin: Cooling Moistening Nourishing Transmitting stillness The four principles of yin and yang are: 1. Yin and yang constitute opposites and contain each other's seeds in them. 2. Yin and yang can change into each other. 3. Yin and yang are mutually dependent on each other. 4. Yin and yang consume and control each other. It is impossible for yin and yang to exist on their own. Without light, there can be no shade; without mountain, no valley; without cold, no warmth.

2 Chinese and Western names of the 12 main channels Chinese name Western name (abbreviated) Shou tai yin fei mai (hand tai yin) Lung channel (LU) Zu tai yin pi mai (foot tai yin) Spleen/pancreas channel (SP) Shou shao yin xin mai (hand shao yin) Heart channel (HT) Zu shao yin shen mai (foot shao yin) Kidney channel (KI) Shou jue yin xin bao mai (hand jue yin) Pericardium channel (PC) Zu jue yin gan mai (foot jue yin) Liver channel (LR) Shou tai yang xiao chang mai (hand tai yang) Small intestine channel (SI) Zu tai yang pang guang mai (foot tai yang) Bladder channel (BL) Shou shao yang san jiao mai (hand shao yang) Triple burner channel (TB) Zu shao yang dan mai (foot shao yang) Gallbladder channel (GB) Shou yang ming da chang mai (hand yang ming) Large intestine channel (LI) Zu yang ming wei mai (foot yang ming) Stomach channel (ST) The following channels thus stand in an inside–outside relation: Forelegs – Lung–large intestine – Pericardium–triple burner – Heart–small intestine Hindlegs – Kidney–bladder – Liver–gallbladder – Spleen/pancreas–stomach Yang–Yang and Yin–Yin Relation Each yang channel is paired with another yang channel, and each yin channel with another yin channel, from anterior to posterior in accordance with its anatomical location.

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