A Living Russian Grammar by Natalia Bitekhtina, Larisa Grushevskaya, Yulia Sheina

By Natalia Bitekhtina, Larisa Grushevskaya, Yulia Sheina

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The second study, a regional dialect survey, shows that the MCWO is most frequent and is attested in the greatest range of clause types in western Denmark, the geographical region farthest from urban Copenhagen, and hence the most conservative. Thus modern spoken Danish dialects can be seen to preserve evidence of the past status of the MCWO. By making use of both historical and synchronic sociolinguistic methods, Gregersen and Pedersen add considerable detail to what they term the “still unfinished picture” of the use of subordination signals in Danish.

The paper has since appeared as Li (1996). 9. Indologists commonly date the Vedic hymns to ca. , the time when the Aryans are thought to have arrived in India (Masica 1991). However, the manuscripts that preserve the hymns were not written down until the 10th C. D. or later (Hock, personal communication). The oldest written manuscripts analyzed in the present volume date from the 2nd C. , and are in Old Tamil. 10. But cf. Banniard (1989) and Wright (1982), who consider the Romance languages to be modern continuations of Latin.

Seeking to perpetuate the illusion that this portion of the grammatical inheritance was still alive and well in Old French, philologists and grammarians have typically explained away the discrepancies between the grammars they have constructed and the testimony of the texts as ‘declension errors’ — yet another instantiation of the ideology of ‘change as decay’, revealing a covert normativity in what bills itself as linguistic description. Telling, too, is the fact that the ‘revisionist’ view of declension, like many other challenges to received ideas about Old French grammar and textuality, has had little if any overall impact on subsequent research.

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