A Grammar of Ayeri by Carsten Becker

By Carsten Becker

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2007. Web. 10 Aug. 2010. 4; 52. pdf> Constituent order typology (67b) 32 THIS IS STILL A DRAFT Ang asa-yan ya Hirapankay mangasaha/mangasara. ’ Using the dative case marker yam and the genitive case marker na instead of the locative case marker ya in 67b would have been possible as well. 5 menan-ena iran-ya pesan fifth-LOC until ‘from one to five’ Comparative constructions Ayeri uses verbs to compare the quality of an argument to a standard: (69a) Ang eng-yo ban nanga nā, AF nanga-as vana. ’ The constituent order in this case is marker-quality-standard.

The World Atlas of Language Structures Online. 2008. Max Planck Digital Library. Ed. Martin Haspelmath et al. 2008. Web. 30 Jul. 2010. info/feature/description/2> Mills, Roger. ” Trans. Carsten Becker. Tay Benung. The Ayeri Resource. 2003–10. Carsten Becker. Apr. 2010. Web. 30 Jul. 2010. html> Naretayan, Taryan, ed. Sigaray na Perican 693. Avirang: Bukoya Mitanena, 694. Manuscript. † Payne, Thomas E. Describing Morphosyntax. A Guide for Field Linguists. Cambridge: CUP, 1997. Print. Pistor, Christian.

V-SP: Binisa-ara sapa-ley. ’ However, if a relative clause modifies A, it is possible to reverse the order of A and P: (57a) V A RelCA P: *Ang binisaye Misan [si məpengalyang tadayya tupas,] sapaley. (57b) V A P RelCA: ? (57c) V P A RelCA: ✓ Ang binisaye Misan sapaley [sang məpengalyang tadayya tupas]. Ang binisaye sapaley Misan [si məpengalyang tadayya tupas]. This also goes for when P is followed by another argument, for example a direct object or an oblique argument. 4, page 53. 2 Verb phrase Transitive verb phrases in Ayeri typically consist of a focus marker and a verb.

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