A Family Affair - Necromancer Games (d20 System 3rd by Carla Harker, Bill Webb

By Carla Harker, Bill Webb

Whereas investigating a mysteriously deserted mansion, the adventurers stumble right into a tangled internet of kidnapping, robbery and homicide. From a mansion with a perilous mystery to the blood-stained waves of the excessive seas and an old, cursed fortress, the adventurers face a succession of deadlier and deadlier foes, with the rescue of innocents and the restoration of extraordinary treasure as their final rewards. A kin Affair features a totally constructed city atmosphere, a variety of targeted NPCs and a variety of demanding competitors. A d20 event for 4-6 desktops of point eight or greater.

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One of the keys (one of two needed) opens the safe in the dressing room (Area 18) where the family keeps its wealth, including Shaya's jewelry. The second key unlocks the wine cellar. 18. Dressing Room (EL 9) This room contains a safe, a dressing table, a wall mirror and two wardrobes. On the dressing table are crystal perfume bottles, a silver-handled brush, pots of makeup, an expensive sheet of vellum and a jewelry box. One wardrobe contains fine clothes for a woman; the other holds men's clothing.

Moving at more than half speed requires a DC 10 Balance check. Failure by 5 or more means the PC trips over a piece of furniture and falls. Four lanterns with continual flame cast inside them hang from the ceiling, each producing light equal to a hooded lantern. Treasure: The paintings on the walls are the works of the dwarven painter, Borun Silverkeg. Individually, the paintings are worth 50 gp, but as a set, they're worth 200 gp. A DC 20 Bardic Knowledge or Appraise check identifies the artist.

Skills: Use Iriah’s skills except Balance +10, Climb +12, Hide +14, Move Silently +10, Swim +10*. Feats: Weapon finesse. *Danya can always choose to take 10 on a Swim check, even if distracted or endangered. She can use the run action while swimming, provided she swims in a straight line. Personality: Danya loves to spend her time climbing the rigging of the ship, when she’s not teasing Hestan’s animal companion, Warrior. She has a special hatred of Gaven Beerforge, and she loves to chew holes in his clothes, bedding and any other possessions he leaves laying around, though she refrains from causing any damage to the ship.

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