A Cree Grammar: Being a Simplified Approach to the Study of by The Rev. H.E. Hives

By The Rev. H.E. Hives

Writer used to be missionary one of the Cree Indians of Lac l. a. Ronge.

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The remainder of this first chapter will be given over to that peculiarity through an examination of the appearance of a distinctive discourse on language in Britain. And the rest of this text will be concerned with examining the importance of the distinctive British discourse in terms of its academic, social and political effects. History and language in Britain The term ‘linguistics’, used to refer to a ‘science of language’, was Germanic in origin though it was first widely disseminated in other continental languages.

After reviewing their work he commented, ‘there we have the total amount of what has hitherto been contributed towards the investigation of the English language’. He then went on to draw a distinction between that work and the new type of work he envisaged: As to the investigation of its history, of its gradual rise and progress, and its relations to neighbouring languages, that is a total blank; a title pointing to a duty absolutely in arrears rather than to any performance ever undertaken as yet, even by way of tentative essay.

It is significant that allegorically linked to this new historical and ‘scientific’ investigation that was to be embodied in the discourse of the ‘history of the language’, was the similarly newly developing field of symbolic logic. Symbolic logic, 32 Standard English and the Politics of Language apparently the most a-historical of signifying systems, was to be described repeatedly as the meta-language, the transparent system by which the historically untainted but obscure workings of the rational mind could be made clear.

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