A, B, Sea: A Loose-Footed Lexicon by Jack Lagan

By Jack Lagan

A, B, Sea is an exciting, complete advisor to the language and lore of 21st-century seafarers. This playful mariner’s thesaurus of nautical phrases contains definitions for and cross-references to every thing from aft to zenith, brass monkey to tuna tower. This moment version comprises many new entries, a few basically from the swashbuckler vernacular, and others for severe sailors. choked with sensible suggestion, this can be a dictionary with a distinction: many phrases are illustrated by means of passages from vintage books of the ocean, others through the author's reviews aboard an American schooner with a eu engine and containers of instruments. pattern entries from this informative and exciting dictionary contain:

Bermuda Triangle: Given a decision among alien creatures and undesirable climate mixed with inept seamanship and navigation, you might want to vote for the latter each time. the U.S. Coast safeguard definitely does.
carry away, to: whilst any a part of the status rigging or a spar breaks it's acknowledged to have "carried away." What you assert is maybe unprintable.
seasickness (mal de mer): a kind of movement affliction often as a result of a sense of health and wellbeing and euphoria. seemingly is available in levels: through the first you worry you may die, throughout the moment, you worry chances are you'll now not. the main trustworthy treatment: Stand less than a tree.

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Astrolabe is a name given to several astronomical instruments formerly used to measure the altitude of stars, before the adoption of the sextant at sea and the theodolite on land. ) The first badges were cut and engraved by hand; they turned out rather too exquisite for the roughness of our manners; later we had a die cut and made the badges of silver, which takes the stamp better than brass. Popski’s Private Army by Vladimir Peniakoff, 1950 His book relates Popski’s adventures in spreading “alarm and despondency” among enemy forces in North Africa and Italy but, sadly, tells us nothing about his escapades on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea.

For the original user manual for this instrument, see Treatise on the Astrolabe. Middle Eastern travelers were, of course, able to use the astrolabe when traveling across deserts (you didn’t need a visible horizon) and this may have been the reason why Vladimir Peniakoff took an interest in the instrument. Peniakoff was born in the Ukraine of Russian parents, raised in Belgium, educated in England, and considered himself frightfully British. While working as the manager of a tea processing factory in Egypt in the 1930s he developed an interest in desert exploration.

Barnacle a marine organism that attaches itself to hard surfaces such as rocks and the hulls of ships. The goose barnacle (lepas anatifera) is the annoying crustacean that fixes itself to the bottom of your boat. As it is taking a ride, the animal in the shell extends limbs called “cirri” that snatch in any passing food. The damn things grow and multiply until they start to slow you down. The barnacle goose is the smaller European cousin of the Canada goose. It has a white face, black neck, and grey wings but does not stick itself to the bottom of your boat.

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