46.Power Delivery by John G. Webster (Editor)

By John G. Webster (Editor)

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Overhead lines transmit the power to substations. High-voltage circuit breakers may be placed at the secondary of the generator transformer and also at the inputs to the substations. The breakers for this application are oil, compressed-air, or SF6 breakers. Application General rules General rules Preferred ratings Design tests Design tests Application guidelines Conformance Conformance Production tests Production tests Definitions Conformance testing only; may or may not include Follow-up Services.

This mechanism is spring-operated, compressed-gas-operated, or solenoid-operated. A cutaway of a molded case, three-phase circuit breaker, shown in Fig. 1, shows how the mechanism is linked to the movable electrodes (denoted as contacts). When the breaker handle is moved from the tripped or off position to the closed position, the spring mechanism toggles the movable electrodes so that they are held against the stationary electrode with a certain force. This operation also charges an opening spring of the mechanism.

Steel mills). The continuous current for these feeder circuits ranges from 250 A to 3000 A. Faults that occur close to the load side of the circuit breaker may produce currents as high as 63 kA. Faults close to the load produce reduced fault currents because of the cable impedance. , 5 kV) feeder circuit breakers are either air magnetic or vacuum. In Europe, these breakers can be air magnetic, SF6, limited oil, or vacuum. If the feeder loads are 600 V or less, either molded-case circuit breakers or power circuit breakers are used for protection.

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