110 Waveform Generator Projects for the Home Constructor by R.M. Marston

By R.M. Marston

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Testing of Digital Systems

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Microelectronics, Microsystems, and Nanotechnology: papers presented at MMN 2000, Athens, Greece, 20-22 November, 2000

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Curiosity in latchup is being renewed with the evolution of complimentary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) know-how, metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) scaling, and high-level system-on-chip (SOC) integration. transparent methodologies that supply security from latchup, with perception into the physics, expertise and circuit concerns concerned, are in expanding call for.

III–V Compound Semiconductors: Integration with Silicon-Based Microelectronics

Silicon-based microelectronics has gradually superior in a variety of performance-to-cost metrics. yet after a long time of processor scaling, primary boundaries and huge new demanding situations have emerged. the mixing of compound semiconductors is the top candidate to handle lots of those matters and to proceed the relentless pursuit of extra robust, not pricey processors.

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24. S^ and C2 ; # 3 is used to discharge C2 when Sx is released. The circuit gives an output pulse period of about one second per microfarad of Ci value. 23 circuit is that it has a relatively long recovery time, since Ct discharges via the comparatively 'imperfect' built-in protection diode of gate B at the end of each pulse-generating cycle. In practice, this means that the pulse length varies slightly with input frequency if the repetition period of the trigger signal is less than ten times that of the output pulse.

5. 100 Hz to 1 kHz linear triangle generator with the component values shown. The frequency range can readily be extended by using alternative values of Cx. 5 circuit is made up of two sections, these being an integrator (ICX) and a differential voltage comparator switch (IC2). The integrating network, which is built around ICX, comprises R3 —R4 and C\, and is driven from variable potential divider/?! —R2, which in turn is driven from the output of voltage switch IC2. The triggering level of IC2 is determined by the ratios of Rn and Rs.

The output of the 'level' control is fed to complementary emitter follower Qi -Q2 and thence on to the circuit's output terminals via a simple three-position SOU A RE AND PULSE GENERA TORS 45 decade attenuator. The peak output level of the circuit is 10 V, and the output pulses have typical rise and fall times of less than 50 ns. The circuit (and the pulse generator) must be powered from a 12 V regulated supply, and typically draws a current of only a couple of milliamps. e. mentioned earlier in this chapter is specifically designed to give a monostable timing action, and acts as an excellent pulse generator; it can generate pulses with periods ranging from 5 /us to several hundred seconds, and can be triggered at frequencies up to about 100 kHz.

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