1001 Most Useful Spanish Words (Beginners' Guides) by Seymour Resnick

By Seymour Resnick

Quintessential studying relief comprises definitions of universal Spanish phrases prepared by means of such different types as meals, numbers, days of the week, months, shades, seasons and relations. At the book's heart is a dictionary, from a to zapato, where each one note is utilized in a Spanish sentence (with English translation) demonstrating its right use.

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Regimen m. regime, diet Bajo el antiguo regimen no habfa tanto crimen. Under the old regime there wasn't so much crime . regia f. rule, regulation Tenemos que obedecer las reglas. We have to obey the rules. regresar to return, come back, go back Esperamos regresar el ano que viene. We hope to return next year. K. lComo se siente usted? Regular. How do you feel? K. reina f. queen Recomiendo una visita al museo Reina Soffa. I recommend a visit to the Queen Sophia Museum . refr(se) to laugh iDe que se rle usted?

Train Los trenes generalmente llegan a tiempo. The trains generally arrive on time . triste sad Se puso triste cuando oyo la noticia. He became sad when he heard the news. tu your Tienes tu pasaporte? Do you have your passport? tu you El ultimo en llegar eres siempre tu. You're always the last to arrive . ultimo last Es la ultima vez que vengo aquf. It's the last time I'm coming here. , una f. a, an Tengo un lapiz y una pluma. I have a pencil and a pen . , unas f. some some leather gloves . Busco unos guantes de cuero.

We've never seen EI palacio esta rodeado de jardines. The palace is sur- never, ever such wealth. jardin m. garden rounded by gardens. jefe m. boss, chief, he<,ld Nuestro jefe siempre llega temprano. Our boss always arrives early. joven young Es muy joven para ocupar un puesto tan importante. He's very young to occupy such an important position. joya f. jewel Querfa comprar una joya elegante para su esposa. He wanted to buy an elegant jewel for his wife. judio (-a) Jew Muchos judfos sefarditas hablan espano\.

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